Mp3MyMp3 Sound Recorder

Mp3MyMp3 Sound Recorder

Monday, October 15, 2012

Converting Vinyl LP's to clean MP3 Sound

We get a lot of emails about "ripping" Vinyl to MP3 for use on iPods and other players. MP3 my MP3 Sound Recorder does this job quite well, but it is only part of the solution.

As I recently decided to do this task myself, I found an interesting article that describes the hardware you need to get the job done really, really well. This article suggests using Audacity to record the sound but I would say that MP3 my MP3 has many advantages over Audacity for this task. Most importantly silence detection / end of track stop and start recording of new file. MP3 my MP3 Sound Recorder also records the track directly to MP3 if you wish saving a step. I personally think being able to minimize and have the control panel in "always on top" mode is great for doing this task while going about your business online or while working on other things. It's just simpler and there is no loss of sound quality.

If you can imagine, it takes quite a few hours to get through a record collection. The results are really rewarding however and it's a fun challenge to digitize your collection, or another collection belonging to someone too lazy to make it happen!

Good luck!

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